Make a Bequest

Donations can be made in two ways, being either a Tax Deductible gift in your life time, or as a bequest to be paid from your estate. Either way you will have the comfort of knowing that your gift is being managed by a local Board of Trustees for the long term benefit of our hospital.

Making a Will Bequest

When you are considering your will, which is a task that we all have to deal with at some point in time, your solicitor will assist you to make a provision.

This could be as simple as saying “I wish to give a bequest to the Bordertown Health and Community Foundation (ABN 16 757 374 953) the sum of $………, for the long term benefit of the Bordertown Memorial Hospital Inc.”

Other Options

After you have made provision for your family and loved ones, then you may wish to make a provision for a gift to charity which could be a gift that keeps on giving well into the future. Examples include:

– You can leave a share of your estate.
– You can leave a fixed sum of money.
– You can leave a specific item or property.

Legal Advice

Your solicitor will assist you to make the provision that you want. It is a very simple matter to deal with, and if any further information is required, you can always contact one of the local Trustees.

Local solicitor Mr Peter Westley of Westley DiGiogio Norcock of Naracoorte is familiar with the Foundation and can assist in these matters. Peter’s phone number is 08 8762 3600.

Adelaide solicitor Mr Joe Subic of Lynch Meyer, is the legal advisor to the Foundation and assisted with the establishment of the Foundation in March 2009. Joe’s telephone number is 08 8236 7610.