About BHCF

What is the Bordertown Health and Community Foundation?

The BHC Foundation is a non-taxable public charitable Trust formed in March 2009, which has been created by and for the people of Bordertown and district community.

All donations to the BHC Foundation are tax deductible.

Our primary goal is to provide a way for individuals and families to donate money to the local hospital and onsite aged care services, knowing that the funds will be managed by a group of respected local people who highly value the provision of ongoing health care within the community.

Total funds allocated to the Bordertown Memorial Hospital to date: $282,885.

The Trustees

The trustee is Bordertown Health & Community Foundation Pty Ltd, a company specifically set up to act as trustee of the Foundation. The Board of Management is made up of the following directors who have been appointed by the community:

Chairman – Leanne Mastrangelo
Deputy Chairman – Simon Ballinger
Secretary – Linda Longbottom
Assistant Secretary – Kylie Makin
Treasurer – Dale Beck
Assistant Treasurer – Kirstie Croser
Investment Manager/s – Matthew Rowett (and Simon Ballinger)
Media Manager – Karen Hunt
Jim Irvine
Photographer – Carmel King