About BHCF

What are the benefits to you and your family?

A donation to the Foundation by a donor (or donor’s family) can provide a lasting memorial.

What are the benefits to you?

1. The donor leaves a lasting legacy to the community.

2. The expertise of the Investment Committee of the BHC Foundation is utilised in investing the capital of the fund.

3. The expertise of the Trustees of the BHC Foundation is utilised in analysing and selecting the disbursement of grants made by the Foundation.

What are the benefits to your family?

A donor or their family can be publicly acknowledged and provide a permanent memorial in the community, to the donor.

A donor’s family can feel assured that their donation will be respectfully managed and care taken to ensure those funds are used wisely for the long term benefit of the local community.

A major donor or family can, in consultation with the trustees, have some input as to how the income from their legacy is distributed.

Donors of the foundation will receive a tax deduction to the value of the donation as follows:

  • Donations of $2 or more
  • Shares up to $5,000
  • Property over $5,000 as valued by the Tax Office
  • Property purchased within 12 months of making the gift

How does our community benefit from people giving through the BHC Foundation?

1. As the BHC Foundation grows there will be a growing pool of income to be distributed annually to organisations such as the Bordertown Memorial Hospital and its onsite aged care services.

2. The annual returns from the BHC Foundation are likely to be higher than most smaller groups or individuals could achieve because of the economies of scale in terms of the investment.

3. A community foundation has the following advantages over a separately created charitable fund

  • A professionally run foundation can coordinate and direct community funds in the best interests of the community over a long term.
  • Economies of scale: In the long term a single trust can be expensive to manage, but pooling and managing the community charitable funds in one foundation is much more efficient and cost effective.
  • Enduring Trusteeship: Many private charitable trusts have the donor and appropriate professionals as trustees – there is rarely adequate provision for replacement of those trustees when the initial trustees retire or die.