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Please contact a Board Member should you wish to seek further information –

Ken McInerney 8752 0091 Chair
Chris Mackereth 87520278 Secretary
John Ballinger 8752 0263 Minutes Secretary
Dale Beck 8752 0881 Treasurer
Bryan Paech   0417 282 112
Des Murray 8752 1781
Karen Hunt 8753 4193
Graham Excell 8753 4096
Leanne Mastrangelo 87521398
Lorraine Murch 8752 1863

Postal Details

The Secretary
Bordertown Health and Community Foundation
PO Box 743
Bordertown SA 5268

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2018 Murray to Moyne

The 2018 Murray to Moyne bicycle relay will be held over the weekend on April 7 and 8. If you would like to take part ...

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Donations can be made in two ways, being either a Tax Deductible gift in your life time, or as a bequest to be paid from your estate....

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